About Letten F. Saugstad

LettenPrizeNeuron240Professor Letten F. Saugstad, MD, PhD

Letten Fegersten Saugstad was born in Oslo Sept 7,1925. She was a refugee in Sweden and graduated from High School in Uppsala, Sweden in 1944. Then she studied Psychology in Stockholm 1944-45, in Copenhagen 1945-46 and in Aberdeen 1946-47. She qualified in medicine (MD) in Oslo 1951. She was licensed neurophysiologist in 1963 and received her Ph.D. on her thesis: ”Phenylketonuria, population genetics and neuropediatrics” in 1975. Later she became a Professor in Biological psychology at the University in Trondheim, Norway.

She has written more than 150 international publications and continues to make contributions with worldwide impact. Her scientific work was driven by social concern and a need to understand and implement changes in the approaches to HIV/AIDS, SIDS, diet deficiencies and development, mental illnesses, drug and alcohol abuse, and toxic substances in the air and food chain. A central place in her work was her explorations into the multi-factorial inheritance of mental disorders, the neglect of epigenetic factors – marine fat (Omega-3) and associated raised risk of CNS disorders (schizophrenia, Parkinsonism, Alzheimer).

“Her work, while broad, cuts deep into the subject matter. At this time of super-specialisation in science, professor Letten F Saugstad is unusual; not unlike Darwin, she takes the time to develop new ideas and reflect on her observations, often deriving a new synthesis and perspective” (Quote Pierre Flor-Henry in his comment on Letten F.Saugstad’s Maturation Theory).

Some of her papers are published in the book: “From Genetics to Epigenetics”.

Professor Letten Fegersten Saugstad (1925-2014) founded the Letten Foundation in 1986.